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From Tradition to Innovation

The end of the 17th century in the quaint Tuscan town of Levigliani (www.levigliani.it) saw the building blocks of our family home being placed. These historical stones quietly and profoundly tell the story of the people who formed and set them.

Levigliani Levigliani Levigliani Levigliani

This typical italian town, with its small alleys and piazzas blends idyllically into the mountain-landscape of the Apuan Alps of the Alta Versilia in the Tuscan province of Lucca.

Our great-grandfather had a tailor as a renter in this house. She created the clothing for our family beginning at the end of the 19th century. My great grandmother, like most girls in the town, learned the art of tailoring very early. 

Our grandfather, Enrico Maggi, born in 1904, sewed and wove bed sheets as well as his first articles of clothing. The two world wars however drastically changed the family’s priorities and the tailoring slowly lost its significance. Traditional crafts were replaced by inexpensive bulk goods as part of the typical fate of marketplace in the economic history of the 20th Century.

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"Enrico Maggi Sciarpa Style, dal 1904" brings a new life to a long-lost family tradition through a creative fusion of exquisite, traditional and also innovative materials that meet the discerning and sophisticated tastes of the 21st Century. Our selection of premium-quality, hand-made, designer scarves is extensive and individual to satisfy the desires of our customers worldwide.

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